BES X Scoring – A whole new dimension to bowling

How to Maximize your SEQUOIA bowling experience 

  • Enjoy seeing your score on 42 inch HD scoring monitors and HDTV’s to watch Buckeye Games while you bowl!
  • Bowlers who want to keep it serious will want to use our PBA scoring screens, ball speed and individual statistics
  • If maximum fun is your goal you will love “YOU TOONS” where the “selfie” photos you can take right at the monitor will appear on screen in a series of crazy animations as you bowl.
  • Kids will love the animated environments created by Oceana, Fairy Tales and Prehistorica.  These screens will make bowling an adventure they will talk about for days to come
  • If you purchase a 2 or 3 hour special you have access to “MAD GAMES” which transform bowling into “5 frame” arcade like games called Monster Factory, Battle on the Lanes and Bowling Hood.
  • Fans of Facebook will appreciate the ability to “check-in” right from the scoring monitor.
  • “Lane Chatter” takes texting to a new level as your group can send messages to your friends on another lane right from your touch screen monitor.
You’ve never had a bowling experience like this before and will never want to go back to the days of a simple scoring grid and numbers.

Here is just a touch of what you will experience at Sequoia today:

red pin screen 480 x 275
PBA screeen 480 x 293
SIGNATURE_ screen 480 x 270
FRIENDS 480 x 260

LCD_IndividualStatistics 480 x 270
LCD_Poker_ 480 x 270
You toons 480 x 270
You toons screen 480 x 270
Birthday Boy 960 x 470
Mad Games 470 x 263
Kids animations 480 x 270
spare 470 x 263