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Sequoia Pro Bowl is pleased to offer individual bowling lessons from PBA Senior Tour professional Bill Henson.  Not only can he speak from experience having won on the PBA Tour but Bill is also a USBC Silver Certified coach whose focus is teaching the skills required in bowling.  Bill will work with you to evaluate your game and create a plan to improve both your bowling skill and mental game. Below you will find contact information to make an initial connection.   Contact Bill to schedule a lesson at or by phone at 614-774-3002.

We are very proud that Bill is Head Coach of the BEST YOUTH LEAGUES in Columbus.  Bill and assistant Lenny Higgins lead a staff of 20 USBC Certified Coaches teaching skills that develop a love for the sport of bowling.  Sequoia is home to 5 High School teams and we are honored that Bill conducts a bowling class for Marburn Academy. If your school wants to develop the next generation of High School bowlers, we encourage you to bring your students to Sequoia to learn a sport that you keep for a life time!

Every Summer Coach Henson offers Youth Bowling Camps.   These camps are for children age Kindergarten through High School.  There are 2 camps with different focus:  1) The Physical act of properly bowling, and 2) The “Mental and Strategic” side of the game.  These camps are perfect for a “beginner” or an “up and comer” to intensify the development of their game. See the flyers located below for camp details and sign-up now to elevate your game!


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Join Coach Henson for class room style seminars that will dig into the theory and intellectual side of the game.  These sessions will help you understand the game like never before!  Click the link provided above for a list of seminars that are currently available with a brief overview of the materials that will be covered.


 Summer 2017 schedule for youth clinics!
Registration is now live!





Marburn Academy Bowling Class at Sequoia!

Marburn Academy Class 10 - 14

This was my first “graduating” class from Marburn Academy.  As a Friday afternoon after-school activity anyone from the school can sign up for these fun bowling clinics.  For two hours each Friday these students learned the fundamentals of bowling, toured the pinsetter area, and had a tournament the final week.  A fun time was had by all!

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