Catering Menu – Excellent Service!

The staff at Sequoia will provide delicious food and excellent service to your group.  Our catering menu specialty is our “all you can eat” Pizza and Pop buffet that is served for 2 hours.  The pizza is hot and delicious and everyone gets their fill of freshly baked pizza’s.  If you want a full meal our Director of Operations Rick Birman will work with you to plan out a complete menu combining appetizers, salad, entree’s and even fresh baked cookies to satisfy everyone in your group.

CATERING QUESTIONS?  Don’t hesitate to call Rick at 614 885-7043

   Quantity PRICE
   A) “All you can eat” Pepperoni and Cheese PLUS unlimited pop  PER PERSON

per person

   B)  “All you can eat” pizza buffet including Specialty pizza’s PLUS unlimited pop  PER PERSON   $9.95
per person
12″ Sub Sandwich Choices: Italian, Ham, Turkey, Meatball           $9.00 each
Boneless Wings 50              $42.50
Chicken Tenders 25              $47.50
Mozzarella Sticks 50               $52.50
Mac & Cheese Bites 50               $32.50
Pretzel Bites w/cheese 100               $32.50
Italian Meatballs  (a favorite of many groups)  50                 $37.50
Breaded Mushrooms 50                $30.00
Mini Corn Dogs 50                $27.50
Cheeseburger w/all the Fixin’s  PER PERSON           $5.00 each
Double Deck Club Sandwiches    (Choice of Classic, Turkey, BLT or Ham) 
               $7.50 each
Breakfast Buffet   A delicious breakfast:  scrambled eggs, (choice of sausage or bacon) home fries, toast & coffee    $7.00 each, add      Orange Juice + $1 
14″ Cheese Pizza per  pizza          $12.50 each 
14″ Pepperoni Pizza   per pizza          $14.50 each
14″ Veggie Pizza  per pizza           $16.00 each
14″ 1/2 Cheese 1/2 Pepperoni Pizza  per pizza            $13.75 each
14″ Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza per pizza           $17.00 each
Vegetable Tray serves 20             $42.50
Garden Salad serves 20             $40.00
Tortilla Chips & Salsa serves 20             $32.50
Freshly Baked Cookies per 25 cookies              $22.50
Taxes not included   A 20% Gratuity is added to all catering orders.