Honors Scores

Sequoia Pro Bowl is the home to Bowling Honor Scores
thrown by Columbus Ohio’s best bowlers!
Home of the Columbus city record honor score of an 879 Series. Not only one time
but TWICE…. by Billy Conner Senior and Bobby Richardson.

There is nothing like your first 300 game!

There is nothing like the excitement of rolling your first 300 game!

There is a reason why Sequoia Pro Bowl is known to be the best place to bowl in Columbus, OH…. The proof is in the scores!  We are honored to have over 100 bowling honor scores year in an year out at Sequoia Pro Bowl in Columbus Ohio.  It is only fitting as our leagues are the best around, filling our lanes with 4 and 5 player bowling teams7 days a week, all bowling season long.  Great things happen when you have a PBA Senior Tour Champion like Bill Henson on Staff to teach lessons and a Pro Shop fitting equipment to meet the needs of each bowler who enters Singerz Bowling Pro Shop to see it’s owner Rod Singer.  We are proud to have over 127 youth bowlers in our USBC Sanctioned youth bowling leagues  and 20+ USBC certified coaches.  Our program teaches bowling which is a skill that will last a lifetime!
Bowling Honor Scores don’t just happen…it takes a maintenance crew that keeps the lanes running without break downs, an oiling machine that is always tuned up and putting down the same perfect shot day after day and week after week.  This commitment comes from management that puts league bowling first and spends on original equipment parts instead of cheap imitation parts to keep the place running like a top.  It is reasons like this that the PBA Tour chose Sequoia for 5 stops on the PBA National in the years when they used to travel from city to city for a weekly tour stop.  If you have heard of Sequoia but not bowled in a league, we invite you to come and find out what makes us best!
League bowling at Sequoia is supported by our Bowlers Bill of Rights.  That means you can expect all of the quality above plus 1) Half Price for bowling practice, 2) No Charge for brackets which means we pay out $3 – $5 more per game than any other center in Columbus and we pay the staff to run them, 3) Special Jackpots like the Baker’s Dozen that paid out over $21,000 to a winner just last season plus our exclusive “Show Me the Money Jackpot” that pays back 100% of money taken in and gives bowlers the chance to win thousands in each league over the course of a season. Click here to Join a league at Sequoia