Sequoia “VIP Rewards” Program

Rules & Regulations

Program Description:  This season we are providing each Sequoia League Bowler a “VIP REWARDS” card.   Present your VIP CARD to the staff at any register and they will swipe your card to give you 1 point for every $1 you spend on food, beverage and bowling (note that league fees are not eligible).  Your points may be redeemed for food, bowling or one of the valuable Product Prizes listed below.

Bonus Points: We will periodically offer bonus points!  That begins with the launch of this program as any purchase between now and October 31, 2014 will earn DOUBLE POINTS to get your point total rolling.

POINTS REDEMPTION VALUE:  Receive $5 redemption value per 100 points you earn. Points may be redeemed for food or bowling at Sequoia (excluding league fees).  OR… build your points and redeem for one of the Product Prize bonus value awards noted below that will return to you a value as high as $13 per $100 spent at Sequoia!

FOOD and/or BOWLING                                 PRODUCT PRIZES
•     200 points = $10
•     300 points = $15
•     400 points = $20
•     500 points = $25
•     600 points = $30
•     700 points = $35                  or              NFL Team logo single ball bowling bag ($50 value)
•     800 points = $40                  or              Brunswick “Target Zone” bowling ball ($60 value)
•     900 points = $45                  or              KR Double bowling bag ($100 value)
•  1,000 points = $50                  or              Storm “Tropical Breeze” bowling ball ($120 value)
•  1,500 points = $75                  or              Storm “HyRoad” bowling ball ($199 value)
•  1,800 points = $90                  or              Storm “Crux” bowling ball ($230 value)
(NOTE: Bowling balls listed are examples, you may substitute an equivalent value ball from Brunswick, Roto-Grip, Hammer, Columbia, etc…)

       •   A 200 point minimum is required to begin redeeming your points.
•   Ohio laws prohibit points from being redeemed for alcoholic beverages.
•   Points are awarded for the value of the item or service purchased. No points are awarded on taxes or tips paid.
•   You must have enough points to earn each award.  Partial points may not be used as partial payment for a higher value item.
•   You must present your card at the time of purchase to receive points.
•   Points for discounted price events will be awarded at a pro-rated value (example:  if you bring us an event from your company and we negotiate a price of $12 for our normal $15 of service you will receive 12/15 or .8 points per $1 dollar purchased instead of the normal rate of 1 point per $1 spent.
•   Only one “Product Prize” may be earned per family.  There is no limit on the “Food and Bowling” prize value redeemed.

Strategies for adding to your points total:
       •  Hold your husband, wife or child’s birthday party at Sequoia.
•  Join us for dinner or Happy Hour before bowling. Watch Buckeye games in the 7-10 Club or on our new flat screen TV’s while bowling.
•  Join us in the 7-10 Club or the Barefoot Bar in the VolleyPark after league. Or….  Karaoke on Friday Nite or try Paint Nite in the 7-10 Club.
•  Hold that friends bachelor(ette) party, a family re-union or a Graduation Party at Sequoia.
•  Bring the kids for a New Years Eve family party or stay late and watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve at the lanes.
•  Convince your boss to hold the company Holiday Party or Team Building event with us and we’ll give you the points!

  You may accumulate points toward these prizes until August 15, 2015.   All points must be redeemed by August 15, 2015.  Points will not roll over into the next season and points will return to zero August 16, 2015.